WEBE Wellness: Solo Walking For Better Exercise

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WEBE Wellness: Solo Walking For Better Exercise

You already know walking is good for you, and it’s fun to walk with a significant other – but if you’re doing that for exercise, a new study shows that having a partner may actually reduce the health benefits of walking!

The study found that the slower walked didn’t speed up to keep up with the faster one – it was the opposite. And holding hands quickly transformed a brisk walk into something that is even less of a workout.

When walking solo, people walked fastest. A brisk pace is what doctors recommend to take advantage of all the benefits of walking, including improved heart health, lower blood pressure and weight maintenance. So, couples who consistently walk together for exercise may not get the health boost they’re hoping for.

However, it’s important to walk rather than not walk – so even if it’s slower, a significant other may give you emotional benefits. Mental health will get a boost as you spend time together and connect with nature.

But if you want to continue walking for exercise, and still want the company, consider a fitness tracker that can help you prod your partner to pick up the pace.

Image Credit: yacobchuk / iStock / Getty Images Plus