WEBE Wellness: The Best Day To Take Off Work

Closeup photo of mark on calendar at fifteenth red inscription free time with red pushpin and felt pen only day off

WEBE Wellness: The Best Day To Take Off Work

Sometimes you just need to take a day off from work – but what day should you take. How about tomorrow?

Specifically, Wednesdays are the best day to take a day off. And this is directly from a college professor of time and communication.

The reason is it splits up our routine evenly – generally, our routines are five days at work, two days off for the weekend. With a Wednesday break, you get two days on, one day off, two days on, two days off.

We feel less stressed and overwhelmed because it makes the work segments as short as possible during a regular week. And we feel more excited, because it’s a non-traditional day, as opposed to a Monday or Friday.

Plus, if you’re playing hooky, Wednesdays are usually the least busy day for restaurants, movies, and amusement parks.

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