WEBE Wellness: How To Combat Monday Dread

WEBE Wellness: How To Combat Monday Dread

It’s the start of a new work week, but did you dread it all day yesterday with a case of the “Sunday scaries”?

That’s when you’ve got anxiety about the week ahead – it starts in the middle of the day when you realize the weekend is nearly over, builds throughout the evening, and may even keep you up at night.

But there are some ways to beat it:

First, don’t leave half-finished tasks for Monday. If you didn’t finish a project on Friday, you’ll be dreading those loose ends through the weekend – if it’s a bigger project, try to complete a task before you leave for the weekend.

Also, think positively about the things that are coming up that week – if work gives you the anxiety, think about non-work things that you can look forward to – lunch with a friend, or dinner plans during the week.

Finally, write things down. If you’re not sure why you’re uneasy, writing your thoughts down can help you figure it out.

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