WEBE Wellness: Avoid These Weekend Mistakes

WEBE Wellness: Avoid These Weekend Mistakes

It’s finally the weekend! And you want to have a good time and relax, but there’s a few things to avoid doing this weekend so you don’t screw up the next week.

Sleeping in may sound wonderful, but big variations in your sleep times leads to greater fatigue overall. An hour or two is fine, but you don’t want to sleep until noon if you normally need to be at work during the week at 8am.

The best way to stay on a schedule is to plan things that simulate a regular routine – a workout class or meeting up with friends for breakfast.

Stay hydrated – water first thing in the morning is the best thing you can drink, especially if you stay out too late the night before.

While you want to relax, make sure you also plan for the week ahead – meal prep, grocery shopping, continue to do all the stuff you need to do to have a proper week.

And don’t just sit around the couch all weekend – fresh air, sunshine, you’ll get tons of health benefits.

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