WEBE Wellness: Is Hitting Snooze A Bad Thing?

Woman pressing snooze button on early morning digital alarm clock

WEBE Wellness: Is Hitting Snooze A Bad Thing?

Have you heard before it’s bad to keep hitting the snooze button on your alarm? Well don’t let it stress you out – it turns out it’s not a bad thing after all!

Researchers did a study where half of the sleepers hit the snooze repeatedly for 30 minutes, the other half had their alarm go off 30 minutes later. And they found neither was better than the other. In fact, those who hit snooze and fall back asleep still get good sleep – it doesn’t interrupt us as much as originally thought. Plus, mood wasn’t affected, or how tired participants felt.

It doesn’t mean if you’re not a regular snoozer you should start doing it – but for those who naturally are, like younger adults or night owls, they can keep doing it and not feel guilty!

Image Credit: Maudib / iStock / Getty Images Plus