WEBE Wellness: Beat Work Burnout

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WEBE Wellness: Beat Work Burnout

If you’ve totally burned out by work and you can’t take a vacation or if a different job isn’t a possibility, there are some things you can do to beat work burnout:

First, recognize that your burned out – not just tired – be on the lookout for headaches, gastrointestinal issues, or restlessness when you sleep.

Then think about what your ideal work situation would look like – you might find issues that could be easily resolved if you speak with management, or you might recognize that nothing will change your job, so a change of job might be the solution.

If you do decide to stay, set boundaries – if you figure out what’s causing you to be burned out, maybe you can delegate tasks to others, or reprioritize what you are currently working on.

Also, make sure you find meaning in your work, even if it’s minor – see if your work is contributing to the greater good.

But also make sure you detach your identity from your work – especially if you’re a perfectionist and take it too hard when things don’t go well.

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