WEBE Wellness: 3 Seconds A Day To Build Muscle

Young adult african american woman in sports clothing at home, doing domestic fitness and training biceps with weight. Focus on weight in foreground

WEBE Wellness: 3 Seconds A Day To Build Muscle

Building muscle is important, but many of us can’t find the time.  But that’s no longer an excuse – because all you need is 3 seconds!

A new study shows that performing one bicep curl, at maximum effort, will give a 10% increase in muscle strength in just a month.

So, 3 seconds day, for 30 days – it’s less than 2 minutes total for the entire month!

However, it’s not sufficient for true muscle building goals – but the study does show that it can work. And you also to have to do it complete and properly – lift all the way up, hold it, and then lower it back down.

But if you can do it once…well once is all you need!

Image Credit: diego_cervo / iStock / Getty Images Plus