WEBE Wellness: Dieting For Healthier Gums?

Close up shot of gum inflammation. Cropped shot of a young woman showing red bleeding gums isolated on a gray background. Dentistry, dental care

WEBE Wellness: Dieting For Healthier Gums?

If you want healthy gums, you know to brush and floss daily. But cutting calories will help too!

A new study found it helps slow the progression of gum disease. The inflammation on gumlines was reduced with lower calorie diets – as well as inflammation in the entire body.

It worked on the short-term as well – if someone started a new diet, the results would show rather quickly.

However, it’s important not to go overboard – getting a healthy number of calories is important, because malnourishment is also a cause of gum disease.

But if you’ve been looking to cut back a bit and slim your waistline, you may end up with healthier gums too!

Image Credit: Povozniuk / iStock / Getty Images Plus