WEBE Wellness: The Best Breakfast For Your Brain

Young happy sportswoman slicing fruit while making smoothie in her kitchen.

WEBE Wellness: The Best Breakfast For Your Brain

You know you should be eating breakfast every day – not just a cup of coffee on the go and calling it breakfast. Actual food.

It’s important to have a high-quality meal to help you get through the workday and boost overall brain health. And you want to try to have it within an hour or so of waking up, even if it’s something simple like yogurt or toast.

But what are the best breakfast foods to help boost brain health?

Top of the list is salmon! It may sound strange or fancy, but smoked salmon instantly supplies you with omega-3 fatty acids. Add some veggies on a whole wheat bread and you’ve got a perfect breakfast.

Eggs are still good for you too – and contain choline and lutein, nutrients that protect against cognitive decline.

Oatmeal also helps since it’s a whole grain, it’s been linked to improved cognitive functioning, like higher reading comprehension and verbal fluency.

Fresh berries aren’t just a good topping for pancakes, the pigment that gives them color can help protect brain cells from oxidation and boost communication between neurons.

Research also shows that coffee is good for us – it sharpens reaction time, improves alertness, and helps us think more clearly.

And no matter what – continue to drink water – hydration is important, since our brains are 75% water!

Image Credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus