WEBE Wellness: Eating Healthier When Dining Out

WEBE Wellness: Eating Healthier When Dining Out

We all love to go out to eat, but it’s important to remember that comes with unintended consequences – primarily, trying to eat healthy.

But there are some easy tips to keep in mind when sitting down at a restaurant if you want to keep up your healthy lifestyle:

• Keep track of calories – they can really add up – you may think a burger, fries and soda is just one meal, but it could be over 1,000 calories, about half of the recommended total! Consider a lower calorie meal, or only have half and save the rest for later.

• You can also make the same meal more nutritious depending on the way it’s prepared. Instead of fried or crispy, consider having the meat grilled, steamed, or baked.

• If you do order a sandwich, the carbs in bread can really add up fast – you might be able to get it bread-less entirely or on a lettuce wrap.

• When it comes to sides, fries and chips are fun, but consider a healthier choice like a salad or fruit.

• And when that salad does arrive, ask for any dressings on the side, so you can control your own portions and decide how much you really need. You might even prefer less!

Image Credit: d3sign / Moment