WEBE Wellness: Why Adults Should Take Up Skateboarding

cute redhead woman 30-40s with skateboard on a summer day. Outdoor lifestyle picture on a sunny summer day.

WEBE Wellness: Why Adults Should Take Up Skateboarding

If you happen to go by a skatepark and see among all the kids a middle-aged person riding a skateboard, if you said to yourself “that’s someone having a mid-life crisis,” you’ll probably be right.

Researchers are now recommending skateboarding for those in their 40s and 50s who may be struggling with depression, substance abuse issues, or are just looking for a mood booster!

The reason is skateboarding provides self-expression, which can give a spiritual meaning.

Better still – you don’t have to be good at it. Failing – and falling – is part of the growth of the sport, so it helps adults loosen up and enjoy themselves, unlike other sports or exercise.

Just make sure you’re padded up and wearing a helmet, as those falls can be dangerous. 1/3 of all skateboarding injuries come from first timers. But if you’ve got the gear, give it a go!

Image Credit: Elena Gurova / iStock / Getty Images Plus