WEBE Wellness: Why You Should Have Pizza For Breakfast

Leftover pizza in box isolated on white background

WEBE Wellness: Why You Should Have Pizza For Breakfast

In Connecticut, we love our pizza – and there’s few things better than a fresh hot pizza. A close second, is cold pizza the next day. And grabbing a slice for breakfast might not be that bad for you – in fact, it’s likely better than what you had this morning!

It may not be as healthy as oatmeal, but compared to most breakfast cereals, pizza has more nutritional value.

Calorie-wise, the pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk are nearly identical. But in terms of protein, the pizza has more of it and will keep you full longer. It has more fat, but it has a lot less sugar, so you won’t experience that quick crash.

An average serving of sugary cereal will have 20 grams of sugar – for men, that’s more than half of the recommended 37.5 grams per day, and for women, it’s almost nearly all of the 25 grams that’s recommended.

Comparatively, pizza is the better choice – you’ll get protein, fiber, calcium, and iron with little sugar – but on the other hand, you’ll get fat and sodium too. And if it’s a stuffed-crust meat lovers pizza, you’re probably better off with the cereal.

But if you’re looking for a quick, healthier solution the night after take out, cold pizza is actually kind of good for you!

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