WEBE Wellness: The Best Cooking Oil You’re Not Using

woman pouring cooking oil from bottle into frying pan on stove

WEBE Wellness: The Best Cooking Oil You’re Not Using

It’s unavoidable while cooking – sometimes a recipe calls for oil. But having the right oil in your cabinet isn’t just effective for your food, but also your health. But there’s one oil that’s not only good, but also has a lot of health benefits – and that’s avocado oil.

The flavor is mild, so it’s good for baking and better for you than canola oil – you can use it as a salad dressing, or you can use it when stir frying – and because it has a high smoke point, it’s great for broiling, roasting, or air frying.

So, while your food benefits from avocado oil, so does your body as it supplies unsaturated fats – the heart-healthy ones you need. And it helps increase HDL-C – that’s the “good” kind of cholesterol. And avocado oil can help our bodies absorb carotenoids – something you get from fruits and vegetables – that’s been found to help improve vision and reduce breast and prostate cancer.

Next time you grab canola or vegetable oil, consider avocado oil – your body and your food will appreciate it!

Image Credit: Cunaplus_M.Faba / iStock / Getty Images Plus