WEBE Wellness: The Secret Benefits Of Exercise

Fit woman running in sportswear with dumbbell shape water bottle at park

WEBE Wellness: The Secret Benefits Of Exercise

We all know that regular exercise helps you burn fat and lower heart disease risks, but there are other more subtle ways you might not expect that exercise helps us.

While exercise helps clear our minds, it also helps with memory – enhanced synaptic activity was discovered in a new study, which means you might learn and retain important information more right after you workout.

Studies also show a healthier lifestyle can offset genetic predisposition to developing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, as some exercise induces a hormone that protects against the disorders, and limits the risk developing those who may be vulnerable to them.

Researchers also found evidence that exercise also helps fight vision loss, slowing or even preventing macular degeneration; there’s even some evidence of exercise causing muscles to release certain metabolites into the bloodstream, that enhances cancer-killing properties of immune cells.

So beyond looking and feeling better, regular exercise may be helping you out behind the scenes in ways you never expected!

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