WEBE Wellness: The Healthiest Midnight Snacks

Woman Opening Refrigerator Door With Various Food In Kitchen

WEBE Wellness: The Healthiest Midnight Snacks

Occasionally, it’s fun to have a midnight snack. But instead of reaching for cookies, what are the best foods to eat late at night, according to nutritionists?

Top of the list – walnuts. Lots of nutrients, and they’re loaded with melatonin so they might help you go back to sleep.

Chocolate-covered nuts are good too – but go for dark chocolate, but not too much as there’s caffeine in dark chocolate.

A banana might also help you sleep has potassium is a natural muscle relaxant, and there’s tryptophan too.

Greek yogurt with berries and almonds is another good choice as it keeps blood sugar balanced, with protein, carbs, and fat.

Finally, peanut butter, but on a rice cake. And it should be natural peanut butter too – the others are loaded with extra sugar which may keep you up.

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