WEBE Wellness: Weight Loss Supplements Already In Your Pantry

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WEBE Wellness: Weight Loss Supplements Already In Your Pantry

Now that you’ll be spending more time inside as the weather cools, you don’t want to get sedentary and put aside your healthy habits. But is there more that you could be doing? Are there supplements that you could take that would help you burn fat?

There’s a few – and make sure you consult your doctor before trying any new diet regiment – but you probably have some in your cabinet already!

• Turmeric is typically in some recipes, but it doesn’t go with everything, so look for a capsule that sometimes goes by the name curcumin – and it’s got great anti-inflammatory capabilities.

• The caffeine in your morning coffee is a stimulant that makes you more alert, increases energy, burns calories, and helps break down fat.

• You’ll also find that caffeine in Green tea, but the tea helps even more with preventing weight gain, by lowering the amount of fats and sugars we absorb.

• Fish oil is an easy to take omega-3 fatty acid, but you’ll find it naturally in salmons, oysters, flaxseeds, and walnuts – and it assists with your metabolism, making you less likely to snack throughout the day.

Keep up those healthy habits – you don’t want to lose the momentum you made over the summer!

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