WEBE Wellness: The *One* Veggie You Need To Be Eating

Assortment of cabbages on old wood background

WEBE Wellness: The *One* Veggie You Need To Be Eating

You heard it from mom growing up – make sure you eat your vegetables! But if you don’t like to eat your veggies, and will only put one on your plate, make sure it’s a cruciferous vegetable!

What are those? Well broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are a few – and they’re loaded with nutrients! You’ll get plenty of vitamins – A, C, E and K – which help with hair and skin and nails, and even promote anti-aging effects!

They’re also loaded with fiber but are hard to digest if you eat them raw, so cook them and you’ll help boost your body’s natural ability to eliminate toxins. Plus, those cruciferous vegetables have also been linked with neutralizing cancer cells.

So, while we start to head into the holiday – and candy – season, make sure you still load some veggies on your plate!

Image Credit: Karaidel / iStock / Getty Images Plus