WEBE Wellness: The Age We Overcome Self-Doubt

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WEBE Wellness: The Age We Overcome Self-Doubt

Find yourself questioning decisions you made – or feel like you’re constantly consumed with doubt? You’re not alone – many of us go through it from time to time, but when does constant worrying about what others think go away.

Well…when you turn 46.

A new study shows that it takes us a while to get over insecurities. Appearance is the first thing we accept, and that’s usually in our mid-30s for both men and women. After that, our career paths are next, and that’s not until we hit 40.

What takes so long? Well, it’s usually things like the desire to fit in and not make waves and just go with the flow. The confidence to being unapologetically ourselves doesn’t come right away – it takes time.

It also takes things becoming a parent, or our personal finance levels reaching a more stable point, and for many others, it takes retirement to feel confident.

So, if you’re still dealing with insecurities and worrying about what others think, you could either wait a while for it to go away on its own, or make an active effort not to worry about what others think and do what makes you feel good!

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