WEBE Wellness: Energy Drinks Give You More Than Energy

Man wearing suit at office drinking energy drink isolated on white background

WEBE Wellness: Energy Drinks Give You More Than Energy

Right about now, it’s very likely you’re really struggling to get through the last hour of the workday – and you search for some sort of pick me up. Since you need energy, you might grab an energy drink – I mean, that’s what they’re called after all!

But while you might get a quick boost, they’re usually pretty bad for you overall. Studies show that everything from your heart to your liver get negatively affected by energy drinks. But which ones should you steer clear of?

Full Throttle has so much sugar that one can of it has 10% more than you should have in total during the entire day!

Monster Energy is even worse on the sugar front, with more than double the amount that women should have daily.

And besides sugar, Red Bull certainly has caffeine, but so much of it can increase blood pressure and heart rate.

So, think twice before grabbing an energy drink when you need energy.

Image Credit: Catalin205 / iStock / Getty Images Plus