WEBE Wellness: Making Sure You’re Prepared For The Storm

Emergency Preparedness Checklist with pencil. Close-up.

WEBE Wellness: Making Sure You’re Prepared For The Storm

With the first tropical storm of the season on the horizon, it’s a good time to take stock of your emergency wellness ahead of Tropical Storm Elsa.

The CDC recommends making sure you have a plan – emergency numbers in your phone and know where the nearest shelter is and different routes to get there in the event of the storm blocking your path.

Gather those emergency supplies – food, water, medicine, batteries, flashlights, IDs, prescriptions, and a fire extinguisher.

Make sure you’ve got gas in your car, and there’s an emergency kit there too – and, if possible, keep the car in a garage or under a structure rather than a tree.

Prepare the house – bring in loose items from the patio and deck, and if it’s going to be a particularly strong storm, board up windows to protect against glass breaking, and keep a gassed generator outside in the event that you lose power for a few days.

And finally, don’t forget your pets – they’ll need food and water too!

Image Credit: Ekaterina79 /iStock / Getty Images Plus