WEBE Wellness: Making A Move Back Home Easier

Closeup of man hand holding cardboard at new home. Young man unpacking boxes in new apartment. Man hand carrying carton box while relocating with his girlfriend.

WEBE Wellness: Making A Move Back Home Easier

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and it’s always nice to spend time with family. But what if you need to spend more time with your folks than you normally would because you need to move back home?

It can happen to anyone at any age – but with the last year bringing both COVID and economic problems for many – it’s something that adults have had to face more than ever before.

But there are a few science-backed steps to take to make things easier for everyone.

Make sure expectations are clear – this would be with regards to rent or bills – it’s important for both sides to be on the same page.

Even if the parents say not to worry about monetary contributions, you should help in some way – whether it’s chores or doing grocery shopping – to do nothing may make parents feel like you’re taking advantage of their hospitality.

A timeline should also be set – not just how long you plan to stay, but what your future plans might be.

And finally, make sure you’re not falling into old habits. It’s easy to act like you’re younger when staying with your parents, but it’s important to act like an adult when you are an adult – it’s still their place, and they’re letting you stay.

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