WEBE Wellness: Free Ways To Beat Allergies

WEBE Wellness: Free Ways To Beat Allergies

After spending the better part of the past year stuck indoors, we’re all excited to venture outdoors this year. But, with the warm weather comes allergies. If you suffer from them every spring, there are a few tips you can use to help this season – and best of all – they’re free!

The first thing is to stay inside! But really during the middle of the day and the afternoon, that’s when pollen counts are at their highest.

When you do get in the car, keep the windows up. Running that AC will help limit the amount of pollen that passes your way.

Keep your mask on – we’ve all got them now, and they do help those symptoms when you’re outside.

Most of us shower in the morning, but if you do it at night, it’ll get all the pollen you’ve accumulated throughout the day off your body and out of your hair, and out of your bed so you’ll be able to rest easier.

And if you haven’t done your spring cleaning yet, do that – and keep up with it – vacuuming more regularly can get out those allergens caught in your carpets.

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