WEBE Wellness: Yoga…For Your Eyes?!?

Close up shot of young woman rubbing her eye with one hand outdoors - Portrait of cute and sleepy girl with brown hair wearing eyeglasses

WEBE Wellness: Yoga…For Your Eyes?!?

Let’s face it – many of us need glasses or contacts or some sort of help for our eyes as we age. For most of us, our vision deteriorates over time. Unless your Paul McCartney.

He’s 78, still writing and performing, and doesn’t need any vision help because of eye yoga!

Back in 2010, he created a video that’s only recently gone viral, after he traveled to India where he learned the technique. He met a yogi who told him that your eyes are muscles, and they can be exercised just like any other muscle.

Sir Paul’s technique is to keep your head still, look up far as you can, and hold for three seconds, then down and hold. Repeat that three times, then do the same for left and right, and then diagonally.

Now does it actually prevent someone from needing glasses? Probably not – but ophthalmologists say it is good for you. It won’t cause harm, and eye exercises of any kind can help delay the need for corrective lenses. It can also help with eye fatigue – especially for those of us working with screens all day.

Most importantly, get your eyes checked regularly – regular checkups will help catch conditions like glaucoma or cataracts early.

Image Credit: Madrolly /iStock / Getty Images Plus