WEBE Wellness: Spring Cleaning Your Own Health

Young woman hiker walking on trail in grassland

WEBE Wellness: Spring Cleaning Your Own Health

As we approach the halfway point of May, we’re also more than halfway through Spring. You may have done some spring cleaning around the house, but what about with your health?

Before summer gets here, there’s a few things you can do now to get ahead of your own wellness for the rest of the year:

As more of us are vaccinated and Connecticut restrictions are loosened, you may be rushing to go out to eat, throw a party, have drinks outside and enjoy the warmer weather. But remember to keep things in moderation – you can still have fun, but don’t simply forget about eating healthy, having fruits and vegetables, and keep drinking plenty of water.

That water is so important because of all you’ll be sweating when we head to the warmer months. Pick up a reusable water bottle now and bring it with you always on any errands or activities.

Don’t go from zero to 100 right away! If you’ve been inside for more than a year, start stretching, add small walks, start getting a little bit of momentum going to get your body used to it, because it’ll only increase as the summer goes on.

And while all the upcoming time in the sun will make you feel better, it’s important to stay safe, and that means sunscreen, wearing long sleeve shirts and hats.

Remember, it’s important to stay safe and healthy so you can enjoy all the great things to come!

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