WEBE Wellness: What To Do With Masks When The Pandemic Is Over

Used blue surgical protective masks. Coronavirus (COVID-19) hysteria is leading to mass mask shortages in the beginning of 2020.

WEBE Wellness: What To Do With Masks When The Pandemic Is Over

When everyone’s vaccinated and the pandemic is finally over, what are you going to do with your masks? Well don’t throw them away – because they may still come in very handy! There’s going to be a few times a year when you may want to bring the mask back.

Flu season will still happen, and people will still get sick – and wearing a mask will help protect you and protect others if you happen to get sick.

Eventually we’ll return to being at events in crowded, indoor spaces, and if there’s poor ventilation, catching things like the common cold will be – well – common. So, a mask will help.

It’s hard to admit that there is that chance COVID never goes away, so if there’s new variants or if you want to protect yourself before booster vaccines arrive, you’ll be able to mask yourself.

Finally, when you travel. Wearing a mask in the airport, and on the plane, and when you’re traveling somewhere that’s higher risk, you’ll want to bring that mask.

So don’t get rid of them just because restrictions may come to an end.

Image Credit: Cylonphoto / iStock / Getty Images Plus