WEBE Wellness: A Healthier Spring Cleaning

Housekeeping And Cleaning Service Concept. Happy Couple Giving High Five To Each Other After Spring-Clean In Apartment

WEBE Wellness: A Healthier Spring Cleaning

Spring is just starting – and it’s not too late to do some spring cleaning. You already know that your home looks better when it’s clean, but you’ll actually feel better too – as long as you’re cleaning properly. There’s a right way and a wrong way to clean – and some common mistakes to avoid:

When dusting, don’t use a dry cloth as it sends dust through the air and it just goes somewhere else – use a damp rag, especially if you’ve got bad allergies.

Wash your pillowcases every week, and your pillows every few months – they’re full of bacteria and oil.

Don’t forget about remotes and light switches. They’re two spots in the house we touch over and over again, and everyone in the house does too – so they’re full of germs from everyone and we don’t clean them nearly enough.

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