WEBE Wellness: Preparing For Allergies

Caution Sign - Pollen Season Ahead

WEBE Wellness: Preparing For Allergies

The days are getting warmer, we’ll get into the 70s tomorrow, and with spring and spending more time outside comes those spring allergies!

The first batch will come from pollen in the trees, and in a few weeks, it’ll be grass pollen – and before your eyes start to itch, there’s a few things to do to prepare yourself.

If you have an allergist, or have always wanted to get one, book an appointment now. An allergy test will tell you what you’re allergic to and can help you learn whether or not it’s pollen that affects you, or if it’s something else like mold or dust.

Refill prescriptions that ran out last year. And you might want to take your antihistamines sooner rather than later – some medications need to be taken two weeks before allergies flare up.

Spring cleaning will help clean out the allergens like dust or other pollens that got tracked in from outside. And when cleaning, it’s another reason why the N95 mask will help so you don’t breathe that dust in.

It’s been dry lately, but rain and humidity will increase mold, so look out for that too. And check your air filter on the furnace, A/C and air purifier.

If pollen counts are high, keep your windows closed. While a fresh breeze is nice, it’s better for your allergies to use an indoor fan or A/C.

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