WEBE Wellness: Should You Laminate Your Vaccine Card?

Doctor is holding a vaccination record card and corona virus vaccine vials. Passport of immunity to the coronavirus in the hands of a male doctor. Health passport as proof of recovery from COVID-19.

WEBE Wellness: Should You Laminate Your Vaccine Card?

After taking the day off yesterday because of the Easter holiday, vaccines are ramping up again across Connecticut. And once you get yours, you’ll get that little white card that’s proof of vaccination.

Places like Staples and Office Depot are even laminating them for free – and while it’s tempting to do it right away, there’s a few reasons why you should take your time before doing so.

First – double check the information. If you must get two shots, make sure you’ve had that second shot! And make sure all your info is accurate – your name, date of birth, and where and when you got your shots.

Have a backup – take a photo on your phone after it’s filled out following each dose, and then e-mail yourself a copy to be safe. Once you can, photocopy it and keep it with other important documents like birth certificates or social security cards.

If something happens during the lamination, like it getting smudged or damaged, you’ll have to contact your vaccine provider – not the CDC – to get a replacement.

Some people express concerns in case we’ll need booster shots in the future – if that happens, doctors say at that point you’ll be able to get a different card in the event that you do laminate yours. As long as you have the card, you’ll be good – and make sure not to share it on social media! You do have private info on there you definitely don’t want to get out there!

Image Credit: Olena Hololobova / iStock / Getty Images Plus