WEBE Wellness: Having To Sneeze Or Cough In Public

Sick woman buying in supermarket and coughing into elbow during COVID-19 pandemic.

WEBE Wellness: Having To Sneeze Or Cough In Public

We’re in April now, and the weather is eventually going to get warmer – but with the spring brings allergies. And this allergy season may be more stressful than ever. Not because our allergies will be worse than other years, but because we’re worried about being judged for sneezing or coughing in public!

A year into the pandemic and having to cough or sneeze makes 56% of us feel like we’re being judged.

The number one thing we think of when coughing or sneezing publicly is “Great, now people think I’m sick!”

The survey found that 55% feel even a slight amount of panic when the urge to sneeze comes upon us. And 46% of us are already dreading allergy season because of the pandemic.

However, we should all remember these are all involuntary responses that our bodies have to allergens like pollen, along with nasal congestion or itchy, watery eyes. To stop those allergy symptoms from affecting you all season long, and to help you feel more ease in public, try to find an allergy relief option that works best for you.

Image Credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus