WEBE Wellness: What To Avoid When Getting Your Vaccine

Vaccination of senior person in hospital

WEBE Wellness: What To Avoid When Getting Your Vaccine

Tomorrow, Connecticut residents 16 or older become eligible for COVID-19 vaccines. That means 1.3 million residents.

But once you are signed up, beyond having to sit for fifteen minutes afterwards to see if you have any reactions, there are a few things not to do that day:

• Don’t take any Advil or Tylenol beforehand, there’s a chance it could affect your immune response. Afterwards is fine.

• Don’t get a tattoo or piercing that day. There is a chance it could trigger an immune response.

• Don’t book other vaccines around the same time – wait at least two weeks if you need another inoculation.

• Don’t push yourself – you might be fine to exercise later on, but if you’re feeling run down, you can take the day off.

• Don’t forget to hydrate – if your temp runs high afterwards, you’ll sweat more, so drinking lots of water will help to replenish what you lose. And drinking more water is always a good thing regardless.

• And most importantly – don’t lose your vaccination card! Take a photo on your phone as a backup, and get it laminated – Staples and Office Depot will do it complimentary.

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