WEBE Wellness: Our Best Is Still To Come!

Start 2021 symbolises the start into new year. The start of people running on street is healthy new normal, with sunset light. Goal of Success

WEBE Wellness: Our Best Is Still To Come!

We can all agree that the last year was not great for anyone, no matter what your age is. But if you are someone who says things like it is all downhill after 30 or 40 or whatever age, a new study is going to turn that around.

Most Americans believe that no one peaks in their twenties, but rather right around 37. However, two-thirds say that we do not hit our peak until after the age of 46 – most of us simply think that our best years are still ahead of us!

There is a direct relationship between both feeling good and reaching your peak potential, and the last year of quarantine has made 6 in 10 of us appreciate ourselves more than ever before, with many of us saying that 2021 will be our peak year – a comeback if you will – and most of us have a wellness goal planned for the year.

The top four goals we are looking forward to this year: better physical health, better mental health, exercising more and maintaining a better diet. If we can achieve our top goal, then most of us say we’ll feel like we’ve made it. Other measures of success are increased financial stability and being more comfortable with ourselves.

We feel happiest when we feel good about ourselves, and we believe we can achieve anything if we feel physically, mentally, and emotionally well.

So, the best is truly to come – no matter what age you are!

Image Credit: Dekdoyjaidee / iStock / Getty Images Plus