Lemon Aid

Two young girls selling lemonade. One girl is holding a cup out, as if she is handing it to a customer, while the other girl holds the lemonade pitcher.

Lemon Aid

You may not know this, but in some states, it is illegal to have a lemonade stand. Fortunately, here in Connecticut, it is technically legal. And at a time when we’ve been given lemons, and your kids want a chance to make lemonade, here’s some good news from Country Time. They are offering  “The Littlest Bailout. An economic relief program to help the smallest of small businesses: lemonade stands.”

They are offering $100 to kids whose lemonade stands have been affected by the virus. If your child is 14 or under, and with your permission, they have to write an essay that answers the following question: “How would your child use their stimulus check to juice the economy?” and a photo of the lemonade stand they were going to use but can’t. Country Time will award 1000 grand prizes.

If the big guys are getting a bailout, why not lemon aid for the littlest entrepreneurs. Deadline is August 20, 2020.


– Danny Lyons July 28, 2020


Image: iStock / Getty Images Plus