Ask me about maskne

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Ask me about maskne

Masks have become part of our everyday life. Before you leave the house you grab your phone, your car keys, your glasses, your purse and hopefully, your mask. It’s the new dress code whether you match it with your outfit or not.

The CDC says cotton is the best material since it will keep your face cooler and is more likely to reduce the spread of the virus.

Try to keep it dry and watch out for “maskne”, a combination of mask and acne, caused by the friction and moisture rubbing up against your skin.

Our Governor says, “if you have to ask, wear a mask”. Just as a reminder, everyone can get the virus, so everyone should wear a mask, even though it is uncomfortable in this heatwave. Maybe together, we can prevent the second wave.

– Danny Lyons  July 6, 2020


Image: iStock / Getty Images Plus