Can you spare a dime?

transparent jar depicting a tip or rainy day fund

Can you spare a dime?

There was no rhyme or reason for what became hard to find in the supermarkets in the past 3 months. Now, there seems to be a good supply of paper products, flour and even parchment paper. For some reason, I am still finding it difficult to find decaf coffee. The newest thing we’re running low on is pocket change. Some people are still paying with cash, so stores and banks are running low on nickels, dimes, quarters and even pennies. Banks are rationing supplies to retailers and store owners are unable to make change, so they may have to round up the prices. Every penny counts when times are tough.

In the spring, the mint printed fewer coins to protect employees, plus coins sat in cash registers of unopened stores, nightstands, pants pockets, couch cushions, car seats and vacuums.

If you have loose change in a jar, you may consider wrapping them up and cashing them in at your local bank. It adds up quickly and you may be surprised to find that you could fund a night out.

By the way, last year the TSA collected almost a million dollars of unclaimed coins from fliers who left them after going through security and it can use that money on other security operations. So the next time you travel, remember this. A travel writer recently recommended putting those coins in your shoes and you won’t forget them, guaranteed!

– Danny Lyons  June 22, 2020


Image: iStock / Getty Images Plus