Your car is the new waiting room!

Woman in a medical mask and medical gloves holds a phone sitting in a car. Close up, side view

Your car is the new waiting room!

If you have visited your doctor or decided to go to your salon or barber recently, you were more than likely asked to call or text when you arrive for your appointment and wait in the car until they call or come for you. Your car is now the new waiting room!  Hopefully, it is in pretty nice shape and if not, now is a great time to buy a new one.

I realize these are difficult times, but if you are able to, it’s a buyers market. You will find unbeatable deals on new cars throughout the summer and used car prices should tumble to their lowest prices in years. There are also lots of rebates and incentives.

So do your research, visit some of our great sponsors and good luck on making the best deal possible.

You may want to leave a few copies of Highlights or 3-year-old copies of People magazine in your car to have something to flip through while waiting and please be sure to tune in to WEBE108. Thanks for listening!

– Danny Lyons  June 19, 2020


Image: iStock / Getty Images Plus