Show up every day

Rear View Of High School Students Walking Into College Building Together

Show up every day

When summer interns started at WEBE108 I would tell them that before they leave to go back to school, I would give them the two words that would be very helpful in assuring their success. It would be interesting to see how many came to me at the end of the summer to ask me for those two words.

I remember when my son Justin was in 6th grade, he managed to have perfect attendance that year. He liked school and was an excellent student and I was beyond proud since his dad had plenty of “tummy aches” during his early education years.

Last week, a high school student in North Carolina graduated and never missed a day of school from kindergarten right through 12th grade. She set her alarm every day, got up to go to school, stayed late for band practice and even worked at a local food store as an essential worker. She says she likes going to school and is very dedicated. She never even had a sick day. No tummy aches for Eboni Hayes who plans to study to be a director and screenwriter.

This is such a good news story and an inspiration to all of us and shows how important it is to show up every day.

Sounds simple: show…up, no matter how hard it is to get motivated. And by the way, only one student ever “showed up” to ask me to share those two simple words.

– Danny Lyons June 16, 2020

Image: iStock / Getty Images Plus