WEBE Wellness: Don’t Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

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WEBE Wellness: Don’t Reuse Plastic Water Bottles

If you regularly use a reusable water bottle, there’s some bad news if you leave the water in there overnight.

When it comes to reusable soft plastic water bottles, a new report recommends stopping that immediately. Researchers found that after water sat for 24 hours it was loaded with chemicals.

Hundreds of substances were found that can mess with hormones and potentially cause cancer. And the study tested bottles after they had been in the dishwasher and there were even more chemicals. They believe the dishwasher wears down the plastic and causes the bottle to leak more chemicals into the water.

If you’re concerned, the better option is to invest in a quality stainless steel bottle instead.

Image Credit: Beton studio / iStock / Getty Images Plus