5 Question Quiz: 8/10/21

Question 1: You can do this with a frisbee

Answer 1: Send it through the U.S. Postal Service without a box!

Question 2: Christopher Walken has never done this in Wilton!

Answer 2: Send an email or used a cellphone from his home. No computer or cell phone!

Question 3: What do Prince and The Brady Bunch have in common?

Answer 3: Franklin Lake, California. Prince filmed a part of Purple Rain there and The Brady Bunch always was filmed there. It’s the actual lake that Andy and Opie open the show with on Andy Griffith.

Question 4: This has not happened in 21 years.

Answer 4: The last time all humans were together on Earth. Since November 2, 2000 there has always been someone on the International Space Station.

Question 5: Connecticut has more than Rhode Island.

Answer 5: Area codes