Every holiday season, WEBE108 looks to help people in your life that need it the most with our WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. Tell us about a friend, co-worker, family member or someone you know that could use a little help this holiday season. Maybe there is an item or service or a bill that we can take care of. Our WEBE elves will go through all the submissions and start granting wishes. Make the holidays extra special this year by giving a wish to someone you care about.

Send your nominee and the below info to [email protected]

Your name:

Your phone number:

Your address:

Who you are nominating:

What is their phone number:

What is their address:

What wish would you like us to grant?

Why would you like us to grant this wish?

What specifically would your nominee need this holiday season?

If we have granted a wish for you previously, please don’t submit another request.

Thanks to our partners