Every holiday season, WEBE108 looks to help people in your life that need it the most with our WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. Thank you to everyone who nominated a friend, co-worker, family member or someone you know that could use a little help this holiday season.

Our WEBE elves went through all the submissions and granted these following wishes!


Bridgette nominated her colleague Judy for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish! Judy is a breast cancer survivor who does so much for her family and thanks to Santa Energy, Judy will enjoy a spa day at Adam Broderick Salon & Spa. Judy is also getting a brand new phone and a gift card to Duchess Restaurants!


Mark nominated his father-in-law Russ for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. Russ is a Vietnam Veteran and lost everything after Hurricane Ida hit the CT coast this year and flooded his apartment. Thanks to Ring’s End, we’re able to grant Russ a Wish and help him get back on his feet with clothing and food for the holidays.


Melody was nominated for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish by her friend Lori. Melody has been battling metastatic breast cancer and has had to take unpaid time off from work to recover from various surgeries. Thanks to our friends at Colony Grill, Melody will get $1,000 to help pay some bills so she can focus on healing, as well as gift cards to Duchess Restaurants.


Jessica nominated her mom Donna for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. Jessica’s father passed away earlier this year after battling cancer. Her mom Donna has been saving up to have his headstone engraved. Thanks to Companions & Homemakers, we are able to grant this wish for Donna and take care of that expense.


Robin nominated her friends Susan & Robert for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. Susan is a breast cancer survivor with other health issues, and Robert will be out of a job at the end of the year. Thanks to Duchess Restaurants, we’re giving them groceries, food for their fur babies and money for some bills.


Deb from The Center for Family Justice nominated a 15-year-old boy who is in need of a new wheelchair. He’s been in the same chair since he was a child and we’re so happy to give $1,000 to help get him a new chair. Thank you to Fred’s Car Wash for making this WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish possible. He and his mom will also get some gifts cards to Duchess Restaurants to enjoy some meals out. 


Fran’s coworker Christine nominated her for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish after Fran lost her husband to leukemia and Covid. Fran has two twin boys, one of whom has Autism and had to be placed outside of the home. Fran was also recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is struggling financially and emotionally. Thanks to TrinityPoint Wealth, we are able to give Fran Christmas dinner from Riverview Bistro, money for bills and gas, as well as gift cards to Duchess Restaurants.


Kathleen nominated her father Charles for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. At just 53 years old, Charles was diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s and had to retire early because of his condition. Six months ago, he was diagnosed with liver cancer and has been recovering from surgery in the ICU. Thanks to Collins Medical Equipment, we are able to give Charles a lift chair so he can return home and recover with his family.


Laurie nominated her friend Elizabeth for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish. She and her husband had adopted two boys, but then she was diagnosed with cancer a year ago. While recovering from two surgeries, Lori wanted to give them some help to alleviate some stress. They’ll have toys for Christmas, presents for her husband, and gift cards to DoorDash and Duchess Restaurants.


Dawn nominated her friend Lauren for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish after Lauren was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. While going through chemo Lauren also contracted Covid. Lauren is a single mom who is still trying to work while recovering to pay for bills and groceries. We’re gifting Lauren some gift cards for presents, groceries and more. 


Dolores’ son Andrew passed away from a heart condition at only 40 years old. Andrew was a single dad and now Dolores and her husband are caring for the children. WEBE108 and Temple Lodge 65 in Westport are granting her a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish and giving $1,000 to Dolores’ family for presents and more. Thanks to Duchess Restaurants for giving them $108 in gift cards as well.


Jody nominated Emmus for a WEBE108 Maritime Chevrolet Christmas Wish after Emmus saved her son’s life last year. Jody’s son got his head stuck in a car window, and Emmus heroically freed him from the window. Her son was in a coma for two weeks, but luckily survived. A truly incredible story! We’re happy to grant Emmus $1,000 to Dick’s Sporting Goods and $108 to Duchess Restaurants.