Armored truck scatters cash on San Diego freeway

Armored truck scatters cash on San Diego freeway

Money rained down on a San Diego freeway Friday morning, when one of the doors of an armored truck popped open and bags holding cash fell out.

The resulting scramble by drivers to scoop up the bills completely shut down northbound Interstate 5, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

“There was cash all over the freeway,” the CHP spokesperson told CNN affiliate KFMB. “People stopped in the lanes, completely blocked the lanes, started picking up the cash.”

At least two people were placed in handcuffs at the scene after locking their keys in their cars and blocking the lanes, according to the spokesperson.

“We’re working with the FBI now, it’s a joint investigation and if you have picked up any of the cash, I highly suggest you turn it in to the CHP office immediately because we do have a lot of evidence to follow up on,” he said.

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