WEBE Wellness: Winding Down After The Work Week

Closeup image of hands close and open a laptop computer on table after finished using it

WEBE Wellness: Winding Down After The Work Week

The final work week of summer is over! But if you found yourself stressed out, here’s some ways to wind down as we head into the weekend.

First, make sure you say goodbye to work – log out of your e-mail and any work apps this weekend, turn off your computer if you need to.

When you get home, change your clothes – something that you can relax in out of your work outfit – it can help your mind accept the fact that the work week is truly over.

Also, keep work talk at work – when you’re home, find something else to discuss.

Finally, plan something fun – if you’ve got something to look forward to, you’ll get into weekend mode even sooner.

Image Credit: Farknot_Architect / iStock / Getty Images Plus