WEBE Wellness: Top Three Ways We Waste Time At Work

Man walking through a busy open plan office

WEBE Wellness: Top Three Ways We Waste Time At Work

Did you get everything done at work today you needed to? Are there any timewasters that you’re guilty of?

Here are the most common work timewasters that are easily avoided:

First – don’t respond to e-mails right away. Each e-mail message is an interruption on whatever you’re working on – you must stop, respond, then start up again. Set aside blocks of time to answer and answer them all at once.

If you’ve been working from home more, getting distracted by other tasks is a big timewaster! Doing chores around the house or being tempted to turn on the TV – the best way to battle that is to set up a to-do list in the morning and choose the top three things you need to accomplish before you move on.

Finally – social media! Most people say the biggest distraction is the phone – so turn off those notifications, or better yet, put the phone in a different room so you’re not tempted to check it all the time.

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