WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

Young woman buying diary product and reading food label in grocery store.

WEBE Wellness: Nutrition Myths

If it always seems like what’s good for your diet and what’s bad is always changing, then it’s time to look at nutrition myths.

The first myth is that eating healthily is too expensive. Sure, some powders are, but fruits and veggies usually aren’t, and frozen ones are cheaper, and just as good for you.

Also, if you always select fat-free options because they’re “better” for you, you may end up eating more since fat is what helps us feel full longer.

Egg whites over whole eggs are yet another myth – while they have less fat and calories you miss out on a ton of vitamins from the yolks.

And finally, whether salt is bad for you. Too much of it is, sure, but it’s also essential because you get electrolytes. Especially if you exercise a lot, because you’ll need to replenish them.

Image Credit: Drazen Zigic / iStock / Getty Images Plus