WEBE Wellness: Fixing Work Feuds

WEBE Wellness: Fixing Work Feuds

It’s the end of the workday, and as you think back on the day – was there someone you constantly avoided? Someone you can’t stand to be around? Someone you actually…hate?

Well, avoiding them is one path to take – if they’re harassing you, you may need to go to HR – but if you think it’s a working relationship that can be salvaged, here are some ways to handle it yourself:

Be empathetic – even if you don’t think so, you should be open to the possibility that you might be contributing to the problem. Or think about what’s causing it – we’ve all been more stressed out over the last year, and there could be stuff behind the scenes you may not know about.

Look for commonality – it could be about anything from talking up a TV show you both watch, or try to include them in drinks after work – an olive branch can turn things around fast.

Be friends with everyone else – it’s a lot harder for them to make your life difficult if everyone likes you!

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