WEBE Wellness: Signs You Need A Vacation ASAP

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WEBE Wellness: Signs You Need A Vacation ASAP

The extra days off this week may not have been enough for some of us. Some of us may need a vacation more than most. These are the signs to look for that you need a vacation ASAP:

If you wake up with headaches, stress may be taking a toll on your body – headaches in the morning may mean you’re grinding teeth at night, a sign of stress.

If you spend more money than normal, or find you’re shopping and buying things unnecessarily, that could be a coping mechanism to deal with stress and exhaustion – and it’s money you could be spent towards your vacation!

If you start to notice your behavior has changed, that you lose your temper more quickly, it’s a good sign you need a break.

When it comes to work, if you notice you’re more irritable with coworkers or more annoyed with your boss than normal or if you’re making simple mistakes at work, it’s all signs you could need some days off.

If you notice you’re avoiding things you actually enjoy doing – favorite pastimes, or anything from exercising to spending time with family – when you’re burnt out, you’ll find you don’t have the energy for anything outside of work.

Finally, just booking that vacation is a mood booster, and gives you something to really look forward to.

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