WEBE Wellness: Don’t Eat This Before You Work Out

WEBE Wellness: Don’t Eat This Before You Work Out

Food is important to keep your body fueled, and eating shortly after a workout is important to building muscle.

But what about eating before a workout? While it’s not wise to work out on an empty stomach, it’s even worse if you eat fried food before it!

Fried foods – any kind – is the worst food to eat before a workout as it’ll leave you feeling heavy and weighed down before you’ve begun any exercise. And it’s worse if you don’t exercise – studies show eating too much fried food increases the risk of cardiovascular issues, like heart disease.

The best thing to eat pre-workout is a complex carbohydrate and lean protein a few hours before any form of exercise – something like chicken, brown rice, and veggies – or a sandwich with lean meats and cheese and fruit.

If you had a big lunch, and want something smaller, granola bars, string cheese, or whole-grain bread with peanut butter are all great options.

Keep your body fueled properly, and you’ll have the energy for a great workout!

Image Credit: kazoka30 / iStock / Getty Images Plus