WEBE Wellness: How Feeling “Hangry” Affects You

WEBE Wellness: How Feeling “Hangry” Affects You

You’ve known it and I’ve known it, and everyone has known it – but now science has proven it. A new study shows that being “hangry” is a real thing.

The word is a combination of hungry and angry – and the study shows that not eating really does make us mad.

If we’re craving food, we’re a full 1/3 angrier, irritable, and take less pleasure in whatever we happen to be doing. But what set this study apart was it wasn’t in the lab – it was all done in the real world.

However, once you eat, you don’t immediately get happier – feeling hangry can affect your overall mood for a day, and even leave you in a rut for days afterwards.

So, if you’re feeling hangry, make sure you eat something – and avoid your coworkers for a while.

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