WEBE Wellness: Health Benefits Of Hot Vs. Iced Coffee

Delicious black iced coffee

WEBE Wellness: Health Benefits Of Hot Vs. Iced Coffee

Some days you have iced coffee, others hot – but for your health, is one better than the other?

It turns out, it all depends upon what you’re hoping to achieve.

Hot coffee has higher antioxidant levels, which helps lower risks of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. And the smell of freshly brewed hot coffee in the morning helps reduce stress, and it’ll reduce the effects of sleep deprivation – you won’t feel as tired from the smell of coffee if you didn’t get enough sleep.

Also, it’ll put you in a better mood – studies show holding a hot cup of coffee makes us see others as being generous and caring!

But, if you stick with iced coffee, there’s different benefits. It helps protect more against the risk of heart attack, and since it usually has less caffeine, it may be easier for those who like coffee but don’t like to feel so wired.

Iced coffee is less acidic, which is better on your digestive system, and better for your teeth.

No matter which you drink, you’ll see healthy benefits – so drink whichever you like more!

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