WEBE Wellness: The Best Time To Go To Bed

WEBE Wellness: The Best Time To Go To Bed

You know staying up too late isn’t good for you, but going to bed early may not be either.

A new study has narrowed down the perfect time to fall asleep for your heart. Researchers show the sweet spot is between 10 and 11pm.

The study found that for those who stay up and go to bed shortly before midnight, there’s a 12% greater risk of cardiovascular disease. And after midnight, the risk increased to 25%.

But even for those who are early risers, going to sleep before 10pm saw a 24% increased risk.

Unfortunately, they haven’t pinpointed why this is the case – the researchers believe our internal clock gets disrupted and that’s what has the adverse effect on our heart. But they looked at lots of factors like sleep duration, sleep irregularity, and whether people were early birds or night owls, but all the results still showed the best time for bed is between 10 and 11.

Image Credit: gorodenkoff / iStock / Getty Images Plus